Reviews, when the process is not abused, can be a handy way to assess the community’s experience with a business. But, when assessing matchmaking or dating agencies you need to Beware of the Review. I’m often fascinated by the range of reviews that any reputable dating agency has. How can two people have such vastly different experiences with the same business?

The answer is in the fact that a matchmaking service is not a service at all but more a partnership. Most services in life are a service for payment exchange with no other obligation from the buyer beyond payment. But, in the same vein that a fat smoker can’t blame his/her health on the doctor, a matchmaking client must work with the matchmaker to get the desired result.

Before we share stories with you that will of course support the idea of you working with Elite Introductions, let’s not beat around the bush and straight away address the less favourable reviews that all matchmaking agencies receive from time to time.

  • Over the past 14 years Elite Introductions have successfully matched over 4000 couples. The vast majority have a certain demand for privacy and would not chant about their success on the internet. Needless to say, with 1000’s of couples and hundreds of marriages Elite Introductions’ record speaks for itself. 
  • Elite Introductions cannot take full credit. Part of the journey of success lies with our members. As previously stated, all matchmaking services are more a partnership than a service. Your approach will have a huge impact on your success in the search for love. If you are not willing to be accountable for your role in this process it simply cannot work. Unfortunately, there have been some people who despite our best efforts, were not ready for a partnership with us… or anyone else for that matter. 
  • We also have exceptionally high standards for the honesty, behaviours and etiquette of our members and stand by our right to revoke their membership if these standards are not met . If we are forced to make this unfortunate decision, it is after an arduous process of attempted feedback. Although we cannot control how they may react to this (such as inaccurate and biassed reviews), our top priority is to protect the integrity, safety and privacy of our fabulous members. 

Responding to Reviews About Matchmakers and Dating Services

  • “They didn’t call me back.” Elite Introductions has a strict policy to return all calls from members within 24 hours. We are in regular contact with our members throughout the entire matchmaking process. How else could we provide such a service without healthy communication? The only time we stop returning calls is when we cancel a membership.
  • “I only got 3 dates”. At Elite Introductions the only circumstance where someone would only have a few dates is where the membership was discontinued before it’s full term. Elite Introductions is not a dating app or even a ‘dating service’ it is a matchmaking service. Date quantity is something you might find on a dating app and you should consider continuing with this strategy if date number is your measurement of success. Our ultimate goal is that your first date is your last so we could never measure success on how many different dates you experience in your membership. Although the amount of time a match can take is dependent on each individual in the process, generally a matching process takes 2-3 weeks. The process of the first date between the two members could then take anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks. You may even go on a few dates with someone before one of you deciding to not move forward. With all this in mind, without making a permanent match in a membership, you might experience 8-15 matches in your membership. However, if you have had this many matches, both the matchmaker and the member should be reviewing their approach and both making adjustments. 

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