Millionaire Matchmaker Trudy Gilbert Offers a Boost for the Relationship Procrastinators

Ah, romance. Falling in love is one of the greatest feelings that we as humans can experience. Unfortunately, as we kiss our 20s… and even 30’s goodbye, behind the ageless love story, hides an ugly truth. You may have heard the myth floating around that dating gets harder as you get older, and when you look at the statistics, that myth has legs.

Working simply on the appearance aspect of relationships, statistics in dating apps show that the peak desirability of females is 18-22, and after this age, desirability drops dramatically over the next decade. This is shameful but proven.

Men have a better chance, their desirability peaking at 45-50 years old, but like females, that too drops quickly. But don’t get your hopes up boys, statistics tell us that after the age of 32, the odds of divorce and breakups increase by 5% per relationship/marriage beginning year. 

Once we move past the shallow appearance issues the problems don’t dissipate. Though it is true that more experienced people tend to have more developed personalities, it is also true that as people get older, they look for different criteria in a potential mate. Priorities change as people do. You or your date may have kids or a more pressing career which could make you both less flexible with both your checklist and what you can offer to each other. Humour and light-heartedness also become more valued trait when looking for love a second time around, which means if life is getting you down and you dump your burden on your date, you could be left booking tables for one. Changing tastes is another challenge, with the people that you may have grown accustomed to and know how to love, not necessarily being your type anymore. This can alter both your choice of mate and your compatibility with that mate. With all this in mind, learning to love again can ultimately prove intimidating forcing you into an inevitable procrastination cycle. 

Excuse me, may I take your bags?

The most drastic change in a more mature dating scene is baggage… and not the Gucci kind. Although it can be hard to face, we all have lived through more now that we’re older, which means we are carrying more experience and troubles. This baggage can scare a lot of potential partners away because they too have their own issues and feel overwhelmed at the thought of someone else’s. 

“So Trudy”, you say, “with the dating scene being so difficult, perhaps I should wait and concentrate on my career and kids and do that retreat in India I’ve talked about for a decade instead.” Not so fast there my friend. All the evidence shows that it’s only going to get harder as you get older so if you ultimately want this, it’s better to jump on the train before it leaves the station.

Allllll Aboard!

Although it can feel more difficult to find a life partner as you get older, statistics do show that men who marry partners close to their age improve their lives socially and financially, and women who marry at an older age stay married for longer than younger women. If that’s not reason enough, the ABS tells us that married people live longer. The obvious conclusion is that partnership breeds a thirst for living. Intimacy, friendship, laughter, adventure… sharing it all with a special someone makes one happier and gives one more of a reason to live. So although it’s tough to get back into the scene, it is also better for you socially, financially and mentally to find someone. The situation you are using as an excuse to stall this part of your life, will not improve according to statistics.

I have clients question themselves about being ready. So you’re out of practice, have thrown your focus on your career and family, or are just badly burned from a previous relationship.

Jump in, the Water’s Fine at Elite Introductions

Just like jumping into cool water on a hot day, putting yourself back out there will feel a little challenging at first. But oh my goodness does it soon feel amazing. It’s time for you to find that special someone. Oh and if it all sounds a bit much…consider asking for help at Elite Introductions. Being matched with people that are vouched for by an expert, have similar education, lifestyle and values will give you the hand you need to get in the game… or get back in it.

Trudy Gilbert

Founder Director

Elite Introductions International