Most of us have gone down the ‘dating app’ road before considering the full support of an
agency. The promise of variety, anonymity and sexual freedom all on a free downloaded app can be
quite alluring and the early process of swiping and waiting for matches can, at least initially, be a
fun way to eat up the hours of your day and night.

The general consensus is that, although there are some people on apps looking for a legitimate relationship, the sleazy portion have really dominated and damaged the culture of online dating before it really formed. We have all heard the stories or had our own experiences of stalking, gold diggers, scammers and bullies. Even ignoring the horror stories, there are some pretty poor numbers of success on dating apps. But hey, it’s not really costing you anything… or is it?

The Numbers

Well if you’re a successful executive or business owner as all of our clients are, then you
wouldn’t have achieved what you have in your life without looking at the numbers so let’s
pull out the calculator.

  • If you’re like the majority of our members, you are earning over 150k which ABS puts you in the top 3.1% of earners in capital cities in Australia.
  • According to a leading dating app, in order to get a match, you will need to swipe right on average 61 times.
  • Once matched only 7% of men will contact you (21% of women). This is due to other stats that suggest that only half of the people on apps actually ‘go on dates’ and only a small fraction are actually looking for a relationship.
  • Combining these stats, the likelihood of you going on a date with someone you like, who is in a similar income bracket is a staggering 1 in 26,000 for the ladies and 1 in 9,000 for the fellas.
  • Statistically you will spend 7-10 hours a week on this hopeless plight (depending on your generation). If you earn 200k (our member average) this is costing you between $700 and $1000 per week in lost productivity for a one in thousands chance at finding a viable partner.
  • To go on your 30 dates before you date someone in your income bracket it will statistically cost you $2,400. This doesn’t include the loss of time, which, using the above stats, would be akin to losing another $6,000.

So as you can see, the ‘so-called free’ apps might just be costing you an absolute fortune- all the while eating up your most precious commodity… time.

Lets Get Viable

Elite Introductions specifically caters to high-income executives, professionals and successful business owners. Every one of our members must fit this criteria, giving our membership peace of mind that their potential match is in line with their ideal partner. Your match is considered using multiple factors. But the one thing that can’t be measured is my instinct. After 14 years and over 4000 matches, I’ve developed a hunch for these things and my record is pretty good. But don’t take my word for it. If you’re a numbers person like me, they speak for themselves.

Trudy Gilbert
Founder Director- Elite Introductions International