“This year I bought myself a birthday gift, it was a meeting with Trudy at Elite Introductions, I had been recommended and with a complete fear of online dating Elite seemed like the perfect service for me.

As a successful independent woman entrepreneur and very frequent international traveler, 10+ years divorced with adult and near-adult children, there was no denying I had a big void in my life, and that was a great partner. I had recently ended a difficult relationship and my confidence in meeting someone kind had been rocked, I had a broken wing.

Trudy was incredible, thorough and professional. She understood me more than I understood myself and introduced me to really beautiful, kind and genuine like-minded people just like me, looking for the same. I appreciate the considered approach Trudy has displayed, a few quality dates, not at all overwhelming and with men with genuine synergies. Less is more, quality is everything and patience will be rewarded and that is my experience of Elite. Trudy is meticulous in her craft, she is a professional, discrete and understanding, and above all, she has delivered as promised.

My expectations have been more than met and I am liking my present, thank you so much Trudy. You are the match-making whisperer and I truly appreciate the patience, kindness and the meticulous way you have worked in restoring my confidence in finding love”.