Trudy had arranged everything. He was to call me within three days and he called that night. We were advised to be brief on the phone but after 20 mins I felt comfortable enough to accept his offer to pick me up at my home for our first date.

Even though it was a daytime date I love fashion and was looking forward to wearing my Sass and Bide outfit hoping my date would appreciate the effort. He arrived on time looking dapper himself and immediately commented on how fantastic I looked.

It was a gorgeous day in Melbourne and we talked over each other excitedly as we drove into Essendon airport. When i realised where we were I knew I was in for an adventure.

The look on his face was classic “I am going to blow this woman’s mind”, he was ready to burst, and as we approached the helicopter my mind did blow by the realisation that he was going to fly us there himself.

I don’t know exactly why but i started to laugh uncontrollably and he enjoyed my astonishment, trying to control his own laughter so he could get helicopter in flight. The flight was brilliant.

Our destination was Mandala wines to have lunch at DiVinos. He landed within view of the restaurant and although that may sound cheesy it was excellent. Lunch was delicious, the wine was great and with my approval he gave the staff permission to choose everything so we could concentrate on each other. We laughed all afternoon.

When it was time to leave I knew I was smitten. He sensed it and suggested we extend the evening with a night cap at his private club, we talked and talked until the early hours and it blew our minds to know this was the beginning of something that’s going to change our lives. It was great to meet a man who knows how to celebrate the crazy, light hearted and flamboyant gestures in life but who also has such compassion, kindness and sensitivity.

Elite Introductions is truely ‘Elite’, if Elite means being introduced to people who are similar to the other people you choose to share your life with.