I was widowed with three children in my late 40’s and had decided it was time to meet some people and become engaged socially again, marriage was not on my mind. Not being a highly social chap, pubs and club etc were not an option. All my friends were married and not one single friend around. Elite was referred to me and with no idea what to expect, I gave it a go. The first date did not go well, (my fault) In my defence after 20yrs of marriage I was out of practice. Two other dates followed but not in rapid succession. Both lovely ladies, but not quite for me. So I contacted Trudy and took her to lunch, I felt she really needed to know me, to be able to refer the right lady. Another introduction was arranged but the lady she introduced was not one she had earlier considered. This all happened in 2012. I married the lady, and we now have two children together. If you ask my wife I am deliriously happy. : ) Hard for me to give ti stars as I still had to take Trudy to lunch, but it was fun and I can give them a thumbs up.