Although I had concerns about a dating service, and have never tried online dating or any dating service before, I met with Elite Introductions in September, and after my mother finally encouraged me to try it, I joined in November 2014. Well, I can honestly say it has changed my life!

After being introduced to someone in January, and doing a long-distance relationship, myself having a young child, we are recently engaged and so in love – completely over the moon! You couldn’t have planned or scripted this! We realised very early on that we had fallen in love with each other, and we have taken the time and effort to build our love and life together. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen so quickly, but when you know, you just know!

Elite helped look at both myself and my fiancé’s personality to see we would ignite each other. And that we do! I also appreciate the fact they were supportive of our meeting and were completely professional and quick at helping us arrange our first meeting when we both lived in different cities. They did this seamlessly, which I greatly appreciate being someone who’s work and travel can sometimes be demanding. I encourage all people to have an open mind and heart about living in different places. Love can be anywhere, and not always where you expect.

We are both in close contact with our friends at Elite Introductions and would recommend their service to anyone serious about finding someone. The most important thing is not the people at Elite Introductions (although they are totally stella girls!), it’s actually YOU! If you have the right attitude, an open heart, and enjoy life and meeting people – then Elite can help you on your journey.