More and more executives and successful business owners seeking a long-term relationship are turning to the experts for help. Educated professionals are looking to a professional dating agency to help them find ‘the one.’ But why?

Australia’s Millionaire Matchmaker, Trudy Gilbert may have the answer

Have you invested your blood, sweat, and tears into your career and ticked off many of your financial and hierarchical goals – only to find yourself still single and struggling to find your ideal partner?

Are you wondering where you’re going wrong? You’re smashing it in most areas of your life, but when wedding invitations land on your desk, you find yourself urgently sourcing someone to be your ‘plus one’.

You ask yourself – ‘Why am I still single?’

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Here are some possible culprits:

  • Successful people often expect to see their own hard-won attributes and values reflected in their ideal partner. They seek out personal development and are more educated and socially experienced. This exclusive group represents a tiny percentage of singles out there looking for a relationship.
  • Executives also often bring their work mentality into the dating environment, seeking KPI’s and other proof that their date is ‘the one’ within moments of meeting. You can imagine how fraught with problems this attitude brings to a blossoming romance.
  • Successful people are already busy engaging with the world around them on so many levels, whether it’s related to work, or other parts of their lives. This leaves little time to spend on the activities that you’d imagine you’d need to be involved in to find a potential partner.
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All these aspects conspire to make it seem impossible for successful people to meet their match

However, Australia’s leading matchmaker, and owner of Professional Dating Agency, Elite Introductions, Trudy Gilbert, says people need to remind themselves that finding and developing a new relationship takes time. Time that needs to be allocated and committed. It also takes a good dose of courage to get out of your comfort zone.

“There’s a fallacy that new intimacy should be comfortable, if not magical,” says Trudy. “It can be, but, it can also be scary, uncomfortable, and create all sorts of feelings that unearth sleepless nights of past sadness and anger. That’s okay,” she explains. “It’s all part of the relationship ride. There will be highs and there will be lows, but if you don’t give it a real shot, then you might miss out on uncovering a partnership’s true potential.”

“Many people also worry about getting in too deep and not being able to change their mind,” adds Trudy. “Without committing yourself to giving it a go, you will never know. Remember, you are always in the driver’s seat of your life and you can always change anything at any given moment. Don’t be scared to go all in, just because you fear being trapped. Resist being so fatalistic and just take it one day at a time. Let the relationship breathe. A little less expectation and fear, a little more acceptance and curiosity.”

Too Busy to be Happy

The hardest part however for most professional singles in busy cities like Sydney and Melbourne is making the time. They’re just too busy in their careers to feel they can allocate the required time to find a mate.

A recent survey by Elite Introductions showed many are feeling burned from the low return high output of energy and time they’ve invested so far. They are part of a recent exodus away from the dating app community. The buzz from swiping-right for a match is short-lived and soon replaced with inappropriate messages, unanswered date invites and countless disappointing dates with bad matches. As a result, they are looking for a more effective and time productive way to find a mate.

“I’m receiving more and more calls each day from professionals who are so exhausted and resentful of the dating app environment,” says Trudy. “One of my members says she went on over 150 first dates. 150! You can imagine how disheartened she was, poor thing. She’s gorgeous and intelligent, she’s a very successful lawyer but the quality of the dates were consistently underwhelming. The tipping point was when her close friend and accountant worked out the time she had waisted on the apps and bad dates was equivalent to over $40,000 of her time. Needles to say, she was mortified. In contrast, she was absolutely delighted with her first match with us. Even if that doesn’t work out, at least now she’s in the right game.”

“I hear similar stories from my male clients as well,” Trudy Explains. “Only 4% of people on apps are looking for a long term relationship and only 3.1% of that group are considered high-income earners. It’s like dropping a fishing line in the middle of the deep ocean and hoping you’ll catch a coral trout. You might get a million bites but none of them will be what you’re looking for. If you’re educated, successful, attractive, fit & healthy, cultured, and worldly then you need to find someone who can match your value set, life stage, and energy levels. Without an expert putting you in front of the right people, the odds are ridiculously against busy executives and business owners.”

More & More Execs are Turning to a Dating Agency

There are a growing number of Dating services in Sydney and Melbourne and now escalating in the other capital cities, that are catering to disillusioned dating app escapees but Trudy Gilbert and Elite Introductions, who operate their dating agency out of Sydney and Melbourne, specifically cater exclusively to high-income executives and business owners. So delete the apps, put away your business brain for five minutes, commit some time and effort to finding a true life partner, get a matchmaking professional to put you in front of like-minded people and just maybe, true love will become part of your busy fulfilling life.