Elite Introductions Report a Boost in New Members Reporting Unhealthy Dating App Use

In the 21st century, dating apps are an almost universal experience, albeit an ineffective one. But as common and unassuming as they seem, are dating apps really so safe? Forget the issue of not knowing anything about who you are meeting. It turns out that if you suffer from loneliness or social anxiety, studies are beginning to show that dating apps could potentially, not only be detrimental to your health but lead to an addiction.

But how are dating apps addictive? Addiction comes through the release of short bursts of dopamine in the brain which trick your brain into associating the thing you’re doing, whether that be drugs, alcohol, sex or apps, with happiness. 

Simple Science is Causing You Harm

By creating a system which likens dating to a game- swiping through people, deciding who meet your standards of beauty and who don’t, dating apps make the act of swiping entertaining. Next level is when you score a match (doesn’t matter who with) and can even continue through the messaging cycle. Just one of the reasons why only a tiny fraction of people on apps are looking for a long term relationship and less than a third actually go on dates. The real reason they are there is for the dopamine hit.

These ‘little wins’ throughout the app process releases dopamine in the brain until the app becomes addictive. Because of the way the app is designed, addiction comes extraordinarily quickly and affects a significant number of its users. Almost one in six users claim addiction to the app, saying it takes over their day and they think about it wherever they go. 

The app officially becomes addictive when individuals using the app favour it over legitimate offline social interaction. This addiction worsens when the user suffers from a deadly combination of social anxiety and loneliness. Social anxiety and loneliness together breed the perfect environment for addiction, with social anxiety keeping the person inside and loneliness creating the want to date. 

Even for those who are addicted, they are generally still left unsatisfied. Whilst Tinder does boast an astounding 12 million matches a day, those matches come at a cost of 1 billion swipes a day across its user database. To put that in perspective, that means you have to swipe right 83 times before actually matching with someone. (other data shows 63) And after a match, statistics show that only 7% of men pursue the relationship to the point of a first date, with women only coming up to 21%. And, with only 4% of people on dating apps actually seeking a long term relationship, not only are dating apps addictive but once you match, the chances are you’ll never actually meet up with a legitimate partner. 

No Prisoners

Addiction of any kind is damaging and difficult to overcome and it is particularly dangerous when it affects your chance of relationships now and into the future. The gamification of dating by dating apps is actively ruining the chances of those looking for a relationship and as we move progressively into a world more obsessed with technology, consider whether you’re actually looking for a relationship, or just dating on dopamine. 

Fear not! All is not lost. There are simple solutions to the problem of dating app addiction and it’s as easy as switching off. Taking time away from social media and reconnecting with friends offline, going to parties, meeting new people at bars or clubs etc or even starting a new hobby like partner-dancing. In addition to this or if you feel too busy to manage it, take on a reputable dating agency who specialises in members that match you and what you’re looking for in a partner. At Elite Introductions you’d be amazed at how many enquires we receive from people who just cannot continue in the dating app cycle. Successful applicants are relieved to be off the wheel and actually having dates with attractive, like-minded, intelligent cultured people who share their values and aspirations.

Getting offline can not only be beneficial for your health, resting your eyes and improving your concentration and attention span but it also raises your chances of meeting someone with similar interests to yourself. No matter how much you may try, the simple fact is that an online swipe will never reflect the beauty, simplicity and love that a real-life conversation and connection will create.

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